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David Caldwell

The guys at Direct Tyres are brilliant. They are so honest in telling you what needs doing and equally important what doesn't need doing. The service and prices are really good Would totally recommend this place

Paul Turner

The team in Stockport are brilliant. It's one of the few retail experiences where I am treated exactly how I try and ensure we treat own customers through my business. I recognise staff that have worked there for years. They are courteous, professional and in my experience are very efficient.

Jacque W

Fab staff here who treat women with the same respect as a man. They don't overcharge and have a comfy waiting room with a hot drink machine and toilet. Also it is just across the road from Aldi or a short walk into the town centre, so you can go and do some shopping if you prefer not to use the waiting room.

Jake Casserley

Took my car in for an MOT and gold level service and was expecting a top level service but did not receive one! Car failed MOT and I booked it in elsewhere (where it passed) as I received no help or advice & had a bad feeling about how thorough Prototype were. Booked it in elsewhere and was told my brake hoses needed replacing which was not picked up on the Protyre Gold service (which is £££) and to add insult to injury it looks like they used the wrong socket to take my wheels off and have chipped off all the surrounding paint my tracking is also still out after they replaced a track rod end for me! May return in future for basic jobs but they have proven to me that they do not care about other peoples property and a gold service doesn't mean you will receive good quality service or a mechanic that cares!


When returning from taking my wife to hospital I had a puncture and was unable to change the tyre, as I'd not long had surgery myself. I telephoned Protyre at Direct Tyres in Stockport and explained my situation and right away told me not worry and diverted one of the mobile fitters to get me mobile. In no time at all the fitter was there,he was courteous and friendly and I was soon on my way to the Protyre centre and was again met with a caring and courteous team and efficient service. I cannot praise them enough. Well done all at Direct Tyres Thank you so much Tony Fisher (pensioner)
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