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Performances MICHELIN One
    Performances MICHELIN One
      Performances MICHELIN One
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        About tyre pressures

        About tyre pressures

        What pressures should I put in my tyres for normal road use?

        For use on the road, it’s essential to use the tyre pressures recommended by the manufacturer of your motorbike.
        You’ll find it in the bike’s handbook or on the machine itself.

        The inflation pressure stated in these documents is the pressure when the tyres are cold.

        NB: The maximum pressure indicated on the tyre is never to be considered for road use. This is the pressure corresponding to the tyre’s load index.

        What pressure should I use on the track?

        The inflation pressure for track use is stated in the MICHELIN tyre literature for track ranges.
        You can also view it on line on the site.

        If you don’t have this information, stick to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

        If I ride with too little or too much pressure in the tyres, what might be the consequences?

        Correct inflation is essential for the user’s safety, comfort and life expectancy.

        Using the inflation pressures recommended by motorbike manufacturers makes a major contribution to good vehicle handling. This is an important factor in road holding both in a straight line and when cornering, even at moderate speed and when braking.
        Running under-inflated may lead to premature wear in the tyre, irreversible damage to the tyre and sometimes a sudden blow-out.

        When should I check my tyre pressures?

        The tyre assembly (cover, wheel and valve) gradually loses air.
        It is essential to check your tyre pressures once a fortnight when the tyres are cold.
        If the pressures are checked while you’re on the road, it’s done on “hot tyres”. Now, pressure increases as the tyre is used and heats up, so you must never deflate a tyre which has been used recently.

        If the pressure is lower than the recommended pressure, it is essential to top it up. You should consider that, to be correct, the pressure checked “hot” may be 0.3 bar higher than the recommended “cold” pressure.

        Having checked your pressure,don’t forget to replace the valve cap which contributes to an airtight seal in addition to the valve core.

        Why is it essential to refit the valve cap?

        The presence of the valve cap is essential for an airtight seal.

        In fact, at high speed, the valve insert may be depressed under the simple effect of centrifugal force, which leads to a loss of pressure.

        What is the effect of temperature on the pressure of my tyres?

        With an equivalent quantity of air, pressure increases with temperature. This means that the pressure in the tyre will be greater when the tyre is hot.

        It’s for this particular reason that you are always advised to check the pressure on “cold” tyres. In this way the value will not be influenced by the variation in pressure due to temperature.

        Become an 'Air Pressure Advocate!'

        Michelin Air Pressure Guide

        Read about the importance of air pressure and download an illustrated guide on air pressure HERE!

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